It's All Been Done Radio Hour, a live scripted comedy show and podcast, was created in 2015. Building on the success of that program, and realizing many in the talented troupe had other gifts to share, creator Jerome Wetzel expanded to the It's All Been Done Presents network one year later.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, we seek to prove that not all American entertainment must come from the coasts. Instead, the middle of the country can compete in this arena as well, with quality offerings.

To that end, IABD Presents seeks to be your home for podcasts, live theatre, movie and television reviews, written work, and more!


Impresario - Jerome Wetzel
Director of Marketing & Social Media - Samantha Stark
Facebook & Website Maintenance - Kristin Green
Twitter Special Projects - Dallas Ray
Graphic Design - Shane Stefanchik
Podcast Editing - Chris Allen