We do not hold the competition every month, hence why there are missing months below. We will be taking a hiatus beginning in February 2018.

DECEMBER 2017 - Reality Television (Podcasts 1/12-1/26)

Jerry Sandusky Pimps My Ride After Dark (1st place)

Jerome Milks Mythbusters (2nd place)

Shania Twat and the 2525 American Idols (3rd place)


AUGUST 2017 - Super Heroes (Podcasts 12/8-1/5)

Toilet Magic Makes Quail Man Rise (1st place)

KP and Dan Hulk Up Catwoman (2nd place)

Shane and Cody Abort The Avengers (3rd place)

John Crick Fellatio U.F. Uh-Os

Ben's Deviant Duo


JUNE 2017 - Fast Food (Podcasts 10/20-12/1)

Ben's Sexy Sex Line (1st place)

Shane's Hard D Commercial Pitch (2nd place)

Jerome Assrapes Acme (3rd place)

EZ Mac Tastes Tears of a Clown

Jimmy Bukake and the $5 Foot Longs

Dallas Molests Mascots

KP Views Askew


MAY 2017 - Half Hour Stories: Dinosaurs (Podcasts 8/4-10/13)
(contestants had only 30 minutes to write after theme was drawn)

Ben: Dirty Dino Guy (1st place)

Dan ABFs Attenborough (2nd place)

Dallas Ball Busts Barney: CSI (3rd place)

Kristin Tickles T-Rex

KP National Geographic Nookie

Kyle Diddles Dallysaurus

Virgil's Clever Girl Cluoaca

Seamus Dingleberries Dinobots

Shane Degrades Denver

Amanda Jumps Jurassic World

Marlene's Wanton Wrestling


APRIL 2017 - Joss Whedon (Podcasts 6/9-7/28)

Kristin Doctors Horrible (1st place)

Laura's Sexual Awakening (2nd place)

Kyle's Tender Toy Story (3rd place)

Cat's Fwap Fan Fic

KP Willows The Avengers

Wooz's Genie Gigolo

Jerome Goes Down on Ghost Writer

Virgil Avenges Doctor Horrible


MARCH 2017 - MadLab (Podcasts 5/5-6/2)

Cat Hosts Hos Down (1st place)

Shane MadLibs MadLab (2nd place)

Jerome's Agonophiliac Angel (3rd place)

Greg's True Trio Tale

Wooz and the Terrible Talker


FEBRUARY 2017 - Fuck Trump (Podcasts 3/24-4/28)

Marlene Elects The Exes (1st place)

Shane Impeaches Impressions (2nd place)

Jerome Orates an Ode (3rd place)

Leeann Opposes Orange

Wooz Equates Euchre

Dan Twiddles Tweets


JANUARY 2017 - The Bible (Podcasts 2/17-3/17)

Nick's Sensual Sunday School (1st place)

Wooz Jonahs for the Whale (2nd place)

Jerome Licks Up the Last Supper (3rd place)

Dan Enters the Lion's Den

Seamus and The Clamhammer Chronicle


NOVEMBER 2016 - Board Games (Podcasts 1/27-2/10)

Dallas MasturBates Mr. Bucket (1st place)

Jerome Sissifies Sorry (2nd place)

Dan, Don't Wake Daddy (For Sex) (3rd place)


OCTOBER 2016 - Monsters (Podcasts 11/18-1/20)

Wooz Gargles Godzilla (1st place)

Zane Seduces Succubus Brazil (2nd place)

Dan Gropes The Great Pumpkin (3rd place)

Dallas Ahs! Real Monsters

Jerome Chotes Church

Sam Eats Out Elvira

Joe Satirizes Scream

Shane Pukes Purple

Nick Grabs Gozilla

Amanda's Saucy Sesame Street


AUGUST 2016 - Anime (Podcasts 10/7-11/11)

Dallas Yanks Yu-Gi-Oh! (1st place)

Marlene Unbuttons Universe Journey (2nd place)

Kelsey Secretes The Seven Deadly Sins (3rd place)

Jerome Assassinates Anime

Dan Holebangs Hellsing

Yohe Huffs Hamtaro


JULY 2016 - Partner Round (Podcasts 9/9-9/30)

Shane and Amanda Are More Than Civil (War) (1st place)

Keith and Dan Fart Family Guy (2nd place)

Nick and Jerome's Hollywood Ho Hoedown (3rd place)

Yohe and Marlene Play With the Powerpuff Girls' Parts


JUNE 2016 - Random Drawing (Podcasts 7/8-9/2)

Amanda Pleases the Pornstar Detectives (1st place)

Yohe Makes Us Pick Harry Potter's Pootang (2nd place, tie)

Dan Chokes the Charmin Bears (2nd place, tie)

Marlene Breaks Breakfast Mascots (3rd place)

Samantha Pokes Pokemon

Virgil Cocks Cthulhu

Dallas Does Denim

Jerome's Naughty Nursery Rhymes

Nick Reams Rick & Morty


MAY 2016 - Video Games

Jerome Osculates Oregon Trail (1st place)

Marlene Sexes Shuma-Gorath (2nd place)

Samantha Grinds Gaming Systems (3rd place)

Virgil Fingers Fall Out


APRIL 2016 - Free Choice

Dallas Blazes Blue's Clues (1st place)

Virgil Remembers Ron Jeremy (2nd place)

Dan Ejaculates on Ed, Edd, n Eddy (3rd place)

Jerome Whacks The Walking Dead


MARCH 2016 - Free Choice

Yohe Massacres The Muppets (1st place)

Samantha Desecrates Doug (2nd place)

Nick Squanches Cereal (3rd place)

Seamus Finishes Frizzle

Jerome Pounds Piano Man