It's All Been Done: A Barenaked Ladies Podcast

Evan and Saker vaguely remember the Barenaked Ladies. This was enough for them to decide to embark upon a massive listening project, bingeing each song over and over again, then recording a weekly podcast discussion.

Are there hidden meanings in the songs? Do they have knowledge about the band at all? Join them and find out!

Born on a Pirate Ship (1996)

  1. Stomach vs. Heart (with Leslie J. Anderson)

  2. Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank (with Matt Gourley)

  3. I Know (with Alan Denton)

  4. This Is Where It Ends (with Kayla Greet)

  5. When I Fall (with Shael Riley)

  6. I Live With It Every Day

  7. The Old Apartment

  8. Call Me Calmly

  9. Break Your Heart

  10. Spider In My Room

  11. Same Thing

  12. Just a Toy

  13. In the Drink

  14. Shoe Box

  15. If I Had $1000000


Maybe You Should Drive (1994)

  1. Jane (with Jesse Thorn)

  2. Intermittently (with Justin McElroy)

  3. These Apples (with Jarod Anderson)

  4. You Will Be Waiting

  5. A

  6. Everything Old Is New Again (with Kyle Carrozza)

  7. Alternative Girlfriend (with Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna)

  8. Am I the Only One? (with J. Keith Van Straaten)

  9. Little Tiny Song

  10. Life, in a Nutshell (with Mike Mitchell)

  11. The Wrong Man Was Convicted (with Benjamin Ahr Harrison)

  12. Great Provider (with Alden Ford and Winston Noel)

BONUS: Evan & Saker at a BNL Concert, Columbus, OH 7/11/18


Gordon (1992)