It's All Been Done: A Barenaked Ladies Podcast

Evan and Saker vaguely remember the Barenaked Ladies. This was enough for them to decide to embark upon a massive listening project, bingeing each song over and over again, then recording a weekly podcast discussion.

Are there hidden meanings in the songs? Do they have knowledge about the band at all? Join them and find out!


Stunt (1998)

  1. One Week (with Justin McElroy)

  2. It’s All Been Done (with Jordan Morris)

  3. Light Up My Room

  4. I’ll Be That Girl

  5. Leave (with Will Hines)

  6. Alcohol

  7. Call and Answer (with Eugene Cordero)

  8. In the Car

  9. Never Is Enough

  10. Who Needs Sleep? (with Sarah Claspell)

  11. Told You So

  12. Some Fantastic

  13. When You Dream

  14. She’s On Time

  15. Long Way Back Home


Born on a Pirate Ship (1996)

  1. Stomach vs. Heart (with Leslie J. Anderson)

  2. Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank (with Matt Gourley)

  3. I Know (with Alan Denton)

  4. This Is Where It Ends (with Kayla Greet)

  5. When I Fall (with Shael Riley)

  6. I Live With It Every Day

  7. The Old Apartment (with Matt Besser)

  8. Call Me Calmly (with Brandt Cooley)

  9. Break Your Heart (with Ryan North)

  10. Spider In My Room (with Kyle McCarley)

  11. Same Thing (with Bonnie Gordon)

  12. Just a Toy

  13. In the Drink (with Kyle Wertz)

  14. Shoe Box

  15. If I Had $1000000 - also on Gordon (below)

Full album wrap up (with BNL biographer Paul Meyers)


Maybe You Should Drive (1994)

  1. Jane (with Jesse Thorn)

  2. Intermittently (with Justin McElroy)

  3. These Apples (with Jarod Anderson)

  4. You Will Be Waiting

  5. A

  6. Everything Old Is New Again (with Kyle Carrozza)

  7. Alternative Girlfriend (with Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna)

  8. Am I the Only One? (with J. Keith Van Straaten)

  9. Little Tiny Song

  10. Life, in a Nutshell (with Mike Mitchell)

  11. The Wrong Man Was Convicted (with Benjamin Ahr Harrison)

  12. Great Provider (with Alden Ford and Winston Noel)


Gordon (1992)