It's All Been Done: A Barenaked Ladies Podcast

Evan and Saker vaguely remember the Barenaked Ladies. This was enough for them to decide to embark upon a massive listening project, bingeing each song over and over again, then recording a weekly podcast discussion.

Are there hidden meanings in the songs? Do they have knowledge about the band at all? Join them and find out!

Maybe You Should Drive (1994)

  1. Jane (with Jesse Thorn)
  2. Intermittently (with Justin McElroy)
  3. These Apples (with Jarod Anderson)
  4. You Will Be Waiting
  5. A
  6. Everything Old Is New Again (with Kyle Carrozza)
  7. Alternative Girlfriend (with Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna)
  8. Am I the Only One? (w J. Keith Van Straaten)
  9. Little Tiny Song
  10. Life, in a Nutshell
  11. The Wrong Man Was Convicted
  12. Great Provider

BONUS: Evan & Saker at a BNL Concert, Columbus, OH 7/11/18


Gordon (1992)