We recently had a novel idea: why not produce a Star Trek rewatch podcast?

OK, maybe it's not an entirely original concept, but our take will be as fresh as we can make it. We've got Stephen Woosley, who has been watching almost from the beginning, Jerome Wetzel, who has been a fan since childhood, TNG-movies-and-beyond-reared Amanda Iman, newbie Keith Jackson, and other friends working their way from the 1966 beginning towards the present. We'll also stop periodically to discuss larger themes with critic, Blogcritics.org honcho, and published author Barbara Barnett. So join us for our version of what others have done before.

Listen to the Preview Episode now.

Upcoming Episodes: Star Trek Season One

#1.01 "The Cage" (1/5/17)

#1.02 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (1/12/17)

#1.03 "The Man Trap" (1/19/17)

Star Trek & Donald Trump: 2017 Inauguration Day Special (1/20/17)

#1.04 "Charlie X" (1/26/17)

#1.05 "The Naked Time" (2/2/17)

#1.06 "The Enemy Within" (2/9/17)

#1.07 "Mudd's Women" (2/16/17)

#1.08 Discussion of Episodes 1-7 (2/23/17)

#1.09 "What Are Little Girls Made Of" (3/2/17)

#1.10 "Miri" (3/9/17)

#1.11 "Dagger of the Mind" (3/16/17)

#1.12 "The Corbomite Maneuver" (3/23/17)

#1.13 "The Menagerie" (3/30/17)

#1.14 "The Conscience of the King" (4/6/17)

#1.15 "Balance of Terror" (4/13/17)

#1.16 Discussion of Episodes 8-14 (4/20/17)