Special Episodes

Occasionally, we'll do special podcasts that aren't about a specific episode, season, or movie. This page will list all of those.

1/20/17 Star Trek and Donald Trump: 2017 Inauguration Day Special

6/24/17 RPGs with 5th Epoch Publishing

9/10/17 The Orville Series Premiere

9/30/17 Star Trek: Discovery Series Premiere

1/5/18 Black Mirror "USS Callister"

2/17/18 Disco Trek (Star Trek: Discovery: Season One with special guest Andy Batt)

5/26/18 The 1970s Peter Pan Records #1

6/5/18 The 1970s Peter Pan Records #2

6/14/18 The 1970s Peter Pan Records #3

1/17/19 Freaky Friday (1976)

1/31/19 South Park “Spooky Fish” (and other references)

8/15/19 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

8/22/19 Quark (The Complete Series)

8/29/19 Star Trek: Phase II

10/3/19 The Best of Trek

10/10/19 Futurama “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” (Patreon Exclusive)