Welcome to Syndicated Nightmares, where every Wednesday, hosts Dave Berman and Michelle Hanson take a deep dive into an episode of Freddy’s Nightmares - a horror anthology TV show from the late 1980s, based off the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. The podcast releases at noon.

Haven't watched the episode of Freddy's Nightmares? Not to worry. Dave and Michelle give a detailed synopsis of each installment and make many relatable comparisons to the Elm Street films.



Season One

#1.01 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (10/24/18)

#1.02 “It’s a Miserable Life” (10/31/18)

#1.03 “Killer Instinct” (11/7/18)

#1.04 “Freddy’s Tricks and Treats” (11/14/18)


Dave Berman became a lifelong fan of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series after seeing the original film at age 13.  He ran a Nightmare website in the late 1990s, appeared on a game show as a “Nightmare on Elm Street Expert," and has consistently annoyed his friends and family with Nightmare trivia for over 25 years.  A native of Columbus, Ohio, Dave now works in the non-profit sector in Los Angeles, California.


Michelle Hanson is a writer, director, producer, and photographer. She writes detective novels so her degree in Criminology can be put to good use. Michelle is an avid fan of the horror genre, and spends most of her free time volunteering at a local theatre. Her photography has been published in newspapers and online magazines/blogs. Michelle is the creator, director, and writer of the supernatural lesbian web series, Red Rue. She also wrote and directed Gül Girl and the upcoming psychological thriller Veho (Fearopoly Films). Michelle is married, and has two dogs and three cats. She hopes to see her novels turned into a movie or television show one day. (Netflix, are you listening?)

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