That One Sports Show features two former radio co-hosts who reunited after college and discuss the current sports world. Friendly for all listeners, they get into obscure sports, sports history, and sports stats you've never even thought to look up. Released several times weekly, listeners can call to leave rants, criticisms or new topic ideas at (614) 398-3243.

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Who are these guys?

Geoff Peterfy used to compete on the field and court in numerous sports, good at most, great at none. Volleyball seemed to be a sport that he could play well, as he picked it up as a freshman in high school, and continued his play through college and still continues to play to this day.  He now is a coach at a national level club based in the Columbus area, Mintonette Sports.

Geoff is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan and Phoenix Suns, and does not care as much for the sports of baseball and hockey, although he claims the Baltimore Orioles and Columbus Blue Jackets as his “passive” teams in their respective sports.  He consistently leads the NBA discussions on the podcast, but, relinquishes most other duties of the hosting and most other podcast related things to John.  Geoff’s job outside of That One Sports Show sees him travel around the central Ohio area shooting video for local television show, Good Day Marketplace, as well as local news on ABC 6 and FOX 28.


John Hartley hails from the village of Mogadore, a small football town just outside of Akron, Ohio. After excelling in all sports (lost every wrestling match Freshman year, wen 2-21 senior year of baseball, won D VI State championship in football Freshman year), John tried out every abstract sport he could. Water polo, handball, lacrosse, slack-lining, racquetball and more. He eventually settled on ultimate frisbee and intramurals.

Being from the north John loves his Cleveland teams: Indians, Browns and even the Cavs since LeBron came back. After making the tough decision of playing the trombone for four years or playing all sports, John picked football, wrestling and baseball over being a tromboner. A kicker and messenger guard, John has a special spot in his heart for kickers that miss field goals and extra points and jumps to their defense when people yell, “YOU HAD ONE JOB!”


What brought them together?

Geoff and John met at Ohio Northern University in the broadcasting department.  They eventually became a dynamic duo in sports, both being the Voice of the Polar Bears on WONB Radio at one point in their careers.  They would continue through college, creating the first sports specific show in WONB history, Buzzer Beaters.  After graduation, the two went their separate ways for a few years until Geoff was able to move home to Columbus, at which point John coaxed him into continuing and sharing their love of sports by starting a podcast.

It’s a miracle they made it this far after the amount of Quadstacker Challenges they did while on the road going to football games, but this is what it is. Welcome to That One Sports Show.