Star Trek: The Animated Series

A few years after cancellation, Star Trek’s popularity was on the rise. With strong syndication and convention attendance numbers, it wasn’t long before a new project was launched.

The Animated Series brought back almost the entire original cast (save Walter Koenig as Chekov), added a couple of new characters, and was made by many of the same writers. Set during the Enterprise’s second five-year mission, stories were condensed to half the running time, but remain relatively adult, not the perfect recipe for Saturday morning television.

After twenty-two episodes aired from September 1973 through October 1974, it was cancelled. And while not considered canon for many years, it is now part of the official Star Trek universe.

The dates below refer to the podcast release dates of each episode.

Season One

#1.01 “Beyond the Farthest Star” (2/14/19)

#1.02 “Yesteryear” (2/21/19)

#1.03 “One of Our Planets Is Missing” (2/28/19)

#1.04 “The Lorelei Signal” (3/7/19)

#1.05 “More Tribbles, More Troubles” (3/14/19)

#1.06 “The Survivor” (3/21/19)

#1.07 “The Infinite Vulcan” (3/28/19)

#1.08 “The Magicks of Megas-tu” (4/4/19)

#1.09 “Once Upon a Planet” (4/11/19)

#1.10 “Mudd’s Passion” (4/18/19)

#1.11 “The Terratin Incident” (4/25/19)

#1.12 “The Time Trap” (5/2/19)

#1.13 “The Ambergris Experiment” (5/9/19)

#1.14 “The Slaver Weapon” (5/16/19)

#1.15 “The Eye of the Beholder” (5/23/19)

#1.16 “The Jihad” (5/30/19)

Season Two

#2.01 “The Pirates of Orion” (6/6/19)

#2.02 “Bem” (6/13/19)

#2.03 “The Practical Joker” (6/20/19)

#2.04 “Albatross” (6/27/19)

#2.05 “How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth” (7/4/19)

#2.06 “The Counter-Clock Incident” (7/11/19)

Complete Series Overview (7/18/19)