It's All Been Written 2019 Official Rules

  • Limit of one entry per person.

  • Must be 18 or older to enter.

  • Your story must be between 3,000 and 13,000 words.

  • Please include a bio and picture to be published in the collection if you win.

  • Your story does not have to contain the line "Drove downtown in the rain, Nine-thirty on a Tuesday night" explicitly in it, but it must have those words or that idea as a major element, whether it is a line of dialogue or punchline or a description of the plot or whatever. Be creative! Just make sure it's significant, not a throw-away.

  • Deadline for all entries March 31st, 2019. Please email them to in .doc or .pdf format. You must include a signed release. If selected as a winner, you will be held to the terms outlined in the signed release, regardless of whether you have submitted one or not.

  • This year's judging will be done by Jerome Wetzel (who will include a story in the collection, but be ineligible for grand prize), and at least two other, non-submitting persons selected by It’s All Been Done.

    • Jerome will be the one checking the official entry email, but will distribute stories to the other judges without author names for the purposes of impartiality.

  • The prizes will be as follows:

    • Grand prize: Will be recorded and released for sale as an audio production by some of our IABDRH troupe. The audio story will be sold, and the author will get 35% of any profits. (The other 65% will be split among the IABD network, performers, and creative contributors to the audio production.)

      • Your story will also be part of the written collection released through our network website, initially for free, later for profit, and you will receive royalties from any profits made.

    • Runner-up prizes: (the intention is to choose 4 runner-ups, though actual number may vary based on number on entries and quality of submissions) Your story will be part of the written collection released through our network website, initially for free, later for profit, and you will received royalties from any profits made.

  • Stories selected for the collection become property of IABD Presents and cannot be published or distributed elsewhere without written permission from the network.

    • In return, the network agrees that the authors of selected stories will have a stake, to be determined by the network at the time of prize awards, in any profit-earning printings or publishing that come from them. The profits will be split between the network, and an equal share for each author.

    • The network will NOT own the rights to the characters, so the author may use them for any expansions, sequels, and continuations as they see fit.

    • Any further use by the network, beyond printing and publishing the story itself and as part of the collection (aside from the Grand Prize), would be subject to a separate agreement between the network and the author, which either party may decline to prevent it from going forward.

  • All winning stories will undergo an editing pass by the network for grammar, format, and punctuation. Content will not be significantly altered without the permission of the author.


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