Starting in March 2016, some of the cast (along with friends and family) began getting together after some of our monthly shows to read filthy, hilarious stories we've written featuring familiar characters and personalities. We vote on the winner and two runner-ups, and then we'll podcast out all the stories so you can decide if you agree with the results or not.

This podcast is strongly rated M for Mature, and is intended for adults only!

Season two concluded in October 2018, and season three will begin in 2019.

Episode #0 What to Expect

All stories are intended for parody purposes only, and no profit is made on any of them. No production company, actor, or other related party has authorized these stories in any way. This is a free show relying on free-use and a sense of humor, and all involved are volunteering their time with no expectation or reward, other than pride when they are named a winner. Well, there is a trophy, but it's an old one that was laying around someone's house, and you have to hand it over to the next winner every month.