2018 Stories
Theme: "If I had a million dollars."

Coming June 25th - Luck Runs Out, Erik Sternberger

Coming July 2nd  - Signed Sealed Delivered, Samantha Stark

Coming July 9th - Waking Up, Jerome Wetzel

Coming July 16th - Honest Work and Engines, Brian Wille

Coming July 23rd - Charity Competition Extreme, Megan Overholt

Coming July 30th - The Blindest Date (Grand Prize Winner), J.K. Jordan



2017 Stories
Theme: "I met you before the fall of Rome."

20 Million Miles From Rome, Stuart Lu

Stale Mate, Jerome Wetzel

Under an Ancient Sun, J.K. Jordan

Venus, Samantha Stark

A Little Star (Grand Prize Winner), Samantha Smith